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Welcome to Grace Biblical Counseling Ministry

Struggles in your marriage?


Trouble working through a marriage or family issue?


Are “parenting issues” wearing you out?


Does the term “angry teen” scare you?


Are you a pastor looking for ways to move your people to spiritual maturity?


Then Grace Biblical Counseling Ministry would like to help you find God’s answers to all these (and more).

Our mission is to glorify God through biblical counseling in two primary ways:

  • through a discipleship ministry of helping people apply God’s Word to their life issues; and
  • through a discipleship ministry of training people to do biblical counseling in their own context, whether family, local church, Christian organization, missionary agency, etc.

Our mission is carried out in various ways, such as:

  • Biblical counseling training for leaders or interested individuals
  • Marriage and Family counseling
  • Marriage seminars (customized to each church or organization’s needs)
  • Individual counseling (i.e., personal issues)
  • Leadership training for Husbands
  • Parenting seminars
  • Healthy Couple Counseling
  • Pulpit ministry
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Encouraging One Another on this Journey of Life

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Thomas Watson on Repentance (Pt. 5):

“True sorrow must be habitual....O Christian, the disease of your soul is chronic and frequently returns to you; therefore you must continually dose yourself by repentance.”

—Thomas Watson, *The Doctrine of Repentance* (1668; reprint, 2016): Kindle ed., loc. 258–60.
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"A wicked man may be troubled for scandalous sins; a real convert laments heart-sins."

Watson, Thomas. The Doctrine of Repentance (Vintage Puritan) (Kindle Locations 207-208). GLH Publishing. Kindle Edition.
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